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To work with trade-vortex.com you need to do the following steps which are very simple


In this step, you will go to the registration page and fill in the required information


After registering, you will log in to your user account and start investing in the desired plan


After 24 hour of investing time, the profit will be added to your account, which you can withdraw with the original capital.

About Us

Founded in 2021, trade-vortex.com is a lending and investment protocol that meets the working capital needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in developing economies, thereby helping them meet their orders. Do big global companies like IKEA, Walmart and so on. We supply the US dollar. 100 million invoices in the real world With an in-depth awareness of pain points and issues faced by SMEs, in 2021, we started developing a blockchain-based decentralized finance protocol that will harness the massive liquidity pool of the crypto world to meet the working capital needs of SMEs globally by tokenizing real-world invoices and bringing them on-chain into the Defi space. Mainnet has launched on 31 Jan 2022 The untapped opportunity in trade finance is of the order of $ 1.7 trillion and by connecting buyers, suppliers, insurance service providers, and investors through a seamless platform, trade-vortex.com aims to transform and amplify global trade for healthy economic growth. By investing in trade-vortex.com, in addition to helping our company and the global economy, you can make a significant profit.

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